iSORT software

PostStream supplies the unique 21 Grams iSORTTM software technology to enable UK customers to benefit from postage savings that can be leveraged from the de-regulated UK postal market.

postal optimisation

Optimisation & Governance

iSORTTM Optimisation enables postage cost efficiency, real time postal service selection for lowest cost mailing run (within defined postal rules) and in conjunction with iSORTTM Governance, which provides reporting for postal compliance, discounting, reconciliation, invoicing and change risk management, delivers a robust postal management solution.

On premise or On-demand

iSORTTM software technology can be either deployed on-premise in a traditional way or can be made available on-demand through hosting in the Cloud on a pay as you go basis.

The iSORTTM system delivers a range of features that facilitate your postal optimisation strategy:

Multi Vendor Optimisation

In deregulated postal markets with many competing postal operators, keeping track of coverage areas, different postage rates, discount systems and the terms and conditions attached to these can be an exceedingly complex task for the customer. iSORTTM minimises the customers' postage costs by optimising the allocation of mail pieces between postal operators' different products for each mailing. iSORTTM uses a sophisticated optimisation algorithm which maintains up-to-date data on the postage and discount structures for all postal operators, as well as their geographical coverage.

Mail File Consolidation

Small mailings can be consolidated into larger bulk mailings in order to take advantage of greater postage discounts offered by postal operators. The iSORTTM platform merges output files of all known formats from different systems (e.g. billing and ERP systems) and consolidates them into larger mailings, thus reducing the cost per mail piece.

Joint Enveloping

Companies often communicate with customers through several different business applications, resulting in multiple mail pieces being sent to the same customer on the same day. With joint enveloping, several documents with the same end recipient are combined into a single mail piece, thereby reducing the overall number of mail pieces.


Ensuring that the mailing run is electronically pre-sorted to the necessary sort order, such as Mailsort 120 or Walksort; also making sure that the minimum bag or tray weights / items are adhered to so that no fines are imposed; sort order within Mailsort regions can also be further sorted, for example providing productivity gains on automated enveloping & inserting systems.

Clean Address Bar-coding

Ensuring that the correct barcode is added to the window of the envelope area of your mail piece document based upon clean address data, to enable the mail piece to be machine readable for the postal operators sorting centres.

Email Delivery

We are able to host the delivery preference table for either physical or electronic delivery of each mail piece and integrate within your email delivery network.

Delivery Notification

Ensuring that the relevant postal manifests, both physical and electronic, are produced to ensure that they reflect the volume of mail pieces assigned to each postal operator service used in the mailing runs; providing the necessary bag and tag labels to conform to the postal operator rules in identifying the mailing run in transit along with listings identifying the respective bags or trays identifying the complete mailing run.

PostStream Hybrid Mail

you create - we print - we post

Leveraging the UK's leading hybrid mail solution that provides a complete solution for printing, producing and delivering your mail. By using PostStream Hybrid Mail you could significantly reduce the costs associated with mail services. PostStream Hybrid Mail removes the need for franking machines and stationery, providing cost savings of up to 65%.