mailsort software

PostStream supplies a range of Sword Apak Mailsort products including: Mailsort 70 (Low Sort), Mailsort 1400 as well as Walksort (High Sort).

Mailsort assigns an SSC (Standard Selection Code) to your records. Your file is sorted based on the SSC. Flags indicating when to start new bags and bundles are inserted into your file. A file of bag and bundle label data is also produced. Finally, the reports required by Royal Mail showing the quantities of items within each sortation are generated.

Introduced in early 2006, the Downstream Access solution enables postal operators other than Royal Mail to collect and transport mail throughout the UK to Royal Mail Inward Centres, whereby Royal Mail completes the final end delivery. The key benefit to the posting client is lower costs, as the transportation from collection point to the Royal Mail Centres can typically be performed at a lower cost than Royal Mail currently offers.

Sword Apak supports postal operators UK Mail and TNT Post.

Mailsort 70 / Access 70

Mailsort 70, also referred to as Low Sort, requires you to sort your address file into over 85 selections based on the first 3 digits of the SSC. To qualify for Mailsort 70 discounts you must have 4,000 or more items per mailing.

Mailsort 1400 / Access 1400

Mailsort 1400 requires that all mail items are sorted, bagged and bundled. Our Mailsort 1400 software sorts the address file into over 1400 selections (reflecting 1400 geographic areas) based on the 5 digits of the SSC. To qualify for Mailsort 1400 discounts you must have 4,000 or more items per mailing.


Walksort, also referred to as High Sort, has been quality tested by Royal Mail and enables you to enjoy considerable postage discounts, for high volume mailings within localised regions. For this reason, Walksort is a popular product with utility companies such as water, gas and electricity suppliers. The Walksort software enables you to benefit from discounts on postage costs by sorting your mail items to the level of the individual postal walk.

To qualify for Walksort discounts a mailing must be sent to at least 1 in 10 (10%) of all households within its coverage area. However, if a posting is contained within one postcode area (or within an agreed local posting area) this penetration must be at least 1 in 24 (4%). The mailing must consist of at least 4,000 items (or 2,000 within one postcode area or agreed local posting area).

Address Manager

The Sword Apak Address Manager batch module utilises the address formatting functionality of Postcoding to provide a powerful address cleansing tool. This module is used for high volume data cleansing and maintenance of large customer databases. Batch cleaning forms an essential role in organisations where centralised databases are used to serve multiple applications.

The batch module allocates a Delivery Point Suffix (DPS) to all address records. This reference is appended to the postcode in order to produce a barcode, which allows you to take full advantage of Royal Mail's postal discount schemes.

PostStream Hybrid Mail

you create - we print - we post

Leveraging the UK's leading hybrid mail solution that provides a complete solution for printing, producing and delivering your mail. By using PostStream Hybrid Mail you could significantly reduce the costs associated with mail services. PostStream Hybrid Mail removes the need for franking machines and stationery, providing cost savings of up to 65%.