operations express

PostStream recommends CrawfordTech's Operations Express to leverage your existing production print streams to inexpensively and rapidly streamline mail room operations, lower costs and increase operational efficiencies.

With Operations Express you can quickly and cost-effectively leverage your production print streams to optimise print output and automate mail processing across your existing printer and inserter investments and maybe even consolidate your work to fewer devices without having to make expensive and time consuming recomposition or application changes upstream!

Operations Express adds flexibility to print and mail room operations, optimises equipment utilisation and increases operator productivity. This flexible business applicationadds value across our client’s facilities as they employ it to advance internal automation, deliver on operational imperatives and support important QA and customer service processes.

Operations Express delivers a straightforward method for re-engineering and manipulation of your existing print documents.

Operations Express rapidly, smoothly and inexpensively integrates with your existing infrastructure to add, suppress and manipulate document attributes such as control numbers, text fields, and OMR marks as well as internal and postal barcodes. This includes 3of9, 2of5, 2D barcodes such as DataMatrix and PDF417, and the new Intelligent Mail® barcode.

Operations Express fits into your system architecture easily and reliably, and can run as a standalone system to add value to print streams and output the results in the same format (e.g. AFP in to AFP out) or can be configured to convert to a different output format all in a single step.

Like all CrawfordTech technology, it works with most common print streams, including AFP, Metacode, PDF, PostScript, PCL, Line Data, and runs on a wide variety of platforms including z/OS, Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, AIX and Windows.

Included with Operations Express are Indexing, Splitting with an option for Batching

Indexing reduces development costs and supports increased productivity by indexing even the most complex documents by selecting and extracting pertinent data from within a print stream with a powerful new scripting language.

  1. Data mine documents and print streams for information
  2. Create highly responsive index files in any common format
  3. Script if - then - else statements for any particular page
  4. Apply specific rules and intricate logic routines.

Indexing is a key component in enabling the display of mission-critical customer correspondence online, in creating custom electronic bill presentment systems, or to add TLEs and bookmarks to complex and dynamically assembled documents.

Splitting supports increased productivity by enabling very fast and precise splitting (bursting) of large output files into numerous "subdocument" files.

  1. Provides greater control over production output by maximizing equipment utilisation, segment statements, and report distribution requirements
  2. Re-purpose select production documents for presentment on the Web or for archival storage.
  3. Divide output files into customer-specific documents and other precisely defined groupings.

Also available is the option to add Batching to Operations Express.

Batching provides production flexibility by grouping multiple files in specific order, or “batches,” to fulfill size or number constraints of enterprise content management import utilities or CD/DVD authoring systems.

  1. Overcome limitations in the number of concurrent output files allowed
  2. Maximize available storage space
  3. Work more efficiently within the limitations of production post processors.

Batching can also automatically split large numbers of files into groups for branches, regions, brokers or make groups of individual files that will fit onto a particular size of media, such as DVDs or CD-ROMs in a mastering application.

Contact us to hear more about how our clients use Operations Express to generate additional opportunities by leveraging their existing print streams and infrastructure.

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