secure & binding emails

PostStream regify enables the only network solution for secure and binding e-mail-communication and electronic post:

All regify products are cloud services, and are also available on smartphones and tablets (Apple, Blackberry, Android).

regify service

The regify service protects messages from unauthorised access, renders e-mails trusted and binding, thereby providing security and trust in business and customer communications. For the sender of a binding regify e-mail, the sending process is as straightforward as is the receiving process for the addressee of such personal e-mail. Of course, neither the sender nor the users have to change anything with their existing e-mail service.

regify is the comprehensive answer for the 6 core challenges of business-relevant e-mail communication:

The PostStream regify service combines the qualities of classic mail with the time and cost advantages, and the simplicity of e-mail.

regify Product Portfolio:

electronic bills & invoices

regibill is a legally compliant solution for electronic billing. regibill meets the legal requirements of legibility, authentication of the sender and integrity of the bill or invoice without requiring digital signatures or certificates.
regibill works with the ISO standardised PDF/A-Format and can be sent by e-mail. The sender can therefore reach the maximum number of users. regibill also supports structures, where processes like billing are outsourced to third party suppliers

  • Legally compliant in the EU ( EU Directive 2010/45/EU)
  • Enables simple billing processes that allow immediate cost savings
  • Does not require digital signature and certificates
  • Works with existing invoicing solutions
  • Can be sent and received to/from any e-mail address
  • Available for online validation on demand for 10 years as legally required
  • Works for all user groups

electronic payslips

regipay enables the confidential and paperless delivery of payslips by e-mail.  With regipay, employees receive their payslips as encrypted mail directly into their private e-mail inboxes.  Employers use the regipay service of a regify provider. regipay also supports outsourced structures.

  • Complies with Data Privacy Laws (confidentiality)
  • Immediate cost savings, every single month (75% compared to paper)
  • Individual choice for employees
  • Works with existing solutions for wage and salary administration
  • No additional storage needed
  • Can be sent and received to/from any e-mail address
  • Works for all user groups

registered electronic mail

Traditional e-mail has the confidentiality level of a postcard. It can be easily read by anybody that is involved in its transport over the Web. regimail offers a system for trusted and binding e-mail communication & digital postal mail.

  • Turns normal e-mail into a secure electronic letter
  • Saves up to 75 % of the cost and time when compared to a physical letter
  • Works with any e-mail address
  • Ensures traceability, creates audit trail through confirmation of receipt
  • Can be traced online via the regify transaction register
  • Makes ordinary e-mail compliant with the Data Protection Act
  • Integrates into daily business life, e.g. into existing e-mail solutions
  • can be used on mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Blackberry and Android
  • Attractive to a wide user base:
    • regimail professional
    • regimail private for private users, free of charge

regimail variants
The following table shows you the two different regimail account types:
Feature regimail professional regimail private
send regimail: max 200 transactions per month max 10 transactions per month *1
read regimail, regipay, regibill: unlimited unlimited
notifications by e-mail: yes yes
transaction-history: yes no
reminder: yes yes
representatives: yes no
e-mail addresses per account: max 5 max 2
authentication *2: yes yes
sponsoring-message: no yes, while reading & writing *3
pricing: fair-flat (pricing varies) free of charge

*1) only for non-commercial usage. At commercial usage, sending is only allowed for one user per company.
*2) not all regify-providers are offering authentication services.
*3) not displayed while reading regipay messages.

regify in more detail

Encrypted transmission of message text and attachments

  • The e-mail is transmitted as an encrypted regify file (ending .rgf).

Guaranteed confirmation of receipt once the addressee opens the regify file

Opening a regify file is feasible only upon retrieving the respective keys from the clearing service. Collecting the keys in turn requires integrity of the message (hash code) and identification of the user (user name/password). This procedure ensures that the keys to open an e-mail will only be released to the authorized recipient and that the integrity of the e-mail message will be guaranteed. The user has no additional work as this security procedure is an automatic background process. Successful collection of the keys serves as an undisputable confirmation of receipt and the integrity of the message itself.

Traceability on transaction level

The sender receives an e-mail notification upon sending and opening by the addressee. In case, the addressee does not open the regify e-mail in the specified period of time, then the sender will be notified about the time expiry. The user has a web-based access to the transactional data of his regify e-mails. This transaction overview enables the user to search and find any of their transactions.

Comfort and trust

The e-mail itself (encrypted contents) is sent as an ordinary e-mail via the existing e-mail account/ provider. A customer does not have to switch to a new e-mail provider. The regify provider does not need to access the e-mail and never has any access to its encrypted contents.


  • Among a series of authentication options, regify offers a two-factor authentication.

Flexibility through representatives

A user can nominate one or more representatives, who then can open the secure regify e-mails that the user receives. Representatives can be added or deleted by the user at any time.

Compatibility with "digital signature"

regify customers can use digitally signed documents. One use case is the management of authorities for employees of a company. For example, such letters of authority can be defined as "obligatory attachments" to regify e-mails.

Simple installation and ease-of-use

Creating regify e-mails is just a click on the "send regify" button that sits next to the ordinary "send" button in a user's email client. Opening regify files is as easy as opening a PDF document. Alternatively regify e-mails can be sent and read online in the web portal without downloading any software.

Global multi-provider model

regify's multi-provider model enables cross-provider regify e-mail communication.

PostStream Hybrid Mail

you create - we print - we post

Leveraging the UK's leading hybrid mail solution that provides a complete solution for printing, producing and delivering your mail. By using PostStream Hybrid Mail you could significantly reduce the costs associated with mail services. PostStream Hybrid Mail removes the need for franking machines and stationery, providing cost savings of up to 65%.