uk & international postage

UK Mail is the UK’s leading alternative mail services provider to the Royal Mail – they handle more than 2 billion items per annum, support almost 1000 businesses and pride themselves on the innovative and tailored services they can offer their customers.

mail sortation using state of the art sorting automation

Your mail is collected, sorted, consolidated and tracked as it moves through their network right up until the point of handover to the local postman for last mile delivery. Not restricted to a 1st or 2nd class service, with UK Mail you can choose from Business Class, two day definite delivery service or an Economy three- day definite option, depending on your individual requirements. UK Mail's mail sortation is supported by state of the art sorting automation.

The UK Mail service portfolio includes a range of sorted and unsorted mail services as well as an international service offering.

Why use UK Mail?

  1. You’ll enjoy significant cost savings
  2. Easy despatch preparation
  3. Late flexible collections times
  4. Elimination of franking, timely trips to the post office for posting overseas
  5. Day-definite delivery
  6. Mail tracking to the point of delivery
  7. Dedicated account management
  8. Detailed invoicing
  9. Easy payment by direct debit or credit card

All mail services are supported by state of the art sortation automation that includes Remote Video Encoding that ensures that addresses not recognised by sortation machines is instantly photographed and sent to our recognition centre for operator intervention whilst it is still in the sortation belt.

PostStream Hybrid Mail

you create - we print - we post

Leveraging the UK's leading hybrid mail solution that provides a complete solution for printing, producing and delivering your mail. By using PostStream Hybrid Mail you could significantly reduce the costs associated with mail services. PostStream Hybrid Mail removes the need for franking machines and stationery, providing cost savings of up to 65%.